Bouquet "Forever Sarah Bernhardt"

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A bouquet of Sarah Bernhardt peonies exudes a timeless romantic charm. With their delicate pink petals and subtle fragrance, these stunning flowers convey a sense of grace, beauty, and love.

As you hold the bouquet in your hands, you can feel the softness of the petals and the gentle movement of the blooms. Each flower seems to have a personality of its own, with its unique shade of pink and individual petal formation.

The Sarah Bernhardt peonies, in particular, have a mesmerizing quality, with their layers of ruffled petals and their pale pink hue that deepens toward the center. These flowers are known for their classic beauty, and they evoke images of elegant ballrooms, vintage romance, and pure love.

As you gaze upon the bouquet, you might imagine it as a symbol of your own love story - delicate yet resilient, tender yet enduring. With its ethereal beauty and enchanting fragrance, the Sarah Bernhardt peony bouquet is a perfect expression of your deepest feelings and emotions.

Medium - 10 stems (on the picture)
Large - 21 stems
Extra Large - 33 stems 
XXL - 50 stems
XXXL - 100 stems

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