Bouquet "Jade" - amaranth, garden roses, delphinium

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Experience the serene beauty of our exquisite bouquet, a graceful ensemble that combines the unique textures and hues of nature. At the heart of this arrangement lies the elegant White Ohara and Playa Blanca roses, their pristine white petals symbolizing purity and grace. These are complemented by the lush green amaranth, adding a touch of whimsy with its cascading, verdant tassels. The bouquet is further enhanced by the delicate, lace-like structure of ammi visnaga, weaving an intricate pattern of beauty and finesse. Majestic delphiniums stand tall within the arrangement, their striking blue spires adding a dash of vibrant color and sophistication. Perfect for any occasion, this bouquet is a testament to nature's splendor, promising to captivate and enchant with its harmonious blend of textures and colors

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