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Bouquet "Tenderness"

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Spring combination of Italian Ranunculus, Mimosa, Vendela Rose, Carnations, Ohara & Mondial Garden roses in paper wrapping. 

This bouquet combines several beautiful and meaningful flowers. Ranunculus flowers are often associated with charm, radiance, and attractiveness. They can also represent joy, love, and new beginnings.

Mimosa flowers, as mentioned before, symbolize happiness, joy, and friendship.

Vendela Roses are known for their soft, pale color and elegant appearance. They are often associated with gracefulness, charm, and admiration.

Carnations are a popular choice for adding texture and color to bouquets. They come in a wide range of colors and can represent love, fascination, and distinction.

Ohara Garden Roses are prized for their large, fragrant blooms and classic beauty. They are often used to symbolize grace, elegance, and deep emotions.

Mondial Garden Roses are known for their soft, creamy color and delicate fragrance. They can represent purity, innocence, and new beginnings.

Together, these flowers create a bouquet that symbolizes charm, beauty, elegance, and joy.
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