Mono Bouquet of Red Double Tulips

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Small - 15 stems 
Medium - 25 stems 
Large - 45 stems
Extra large - 70 stems

How to take care of tulips?

Let's cut to the chase 

First, cut the stems at the right angle and with a very sharp knife.

Next, take a deep tall vase, because flowers tend to keep blooming and under the weight of blooms stems bend and increase in size, thus, tall vase will not allow the blooms to tilt

Fill 6-7 cm(2,5-3 inches)of the vase with water and place your tulips there; wash the vase and refresh the stem cuts by 1 cm every day. Also make sure leaves don’t touch water. 

After you refresh the stem cut, flowers need to be placed in cold water (you can even add a couple of ice cubes and wait until they melt).

It is better to keep flowers away from direct sunlight, heating/cooling appliances and fruits 
Fresh cut flowers love cool places and shade. 

Quick order by phone:

+1(954)664-1272 Hallandale

+1 (561) 663-2793 Brickell

Small 15 stems 
Medium 25 stems 
Large 45 stems 
Extra Large 70 stems

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