Flower Box "White O'Hara"

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Indulge in the captivating allure of our Very Fragrant Peony Roses, the exquisite White O'Hara variety. These blooms are a symphony for the senses, combining the beauty of peonies with the irresistible fragrance of White O'Hara roses.

The velvety petals of the White O'Hara peony roses unfold in layers of pristine white, offering a glimpse into the intricate elegance of nature. But it's their fragrance that truly sets them apart – a delicate, lingering scent that fills the air with notes of romance and charm.

Whether you're adorning a special occasion, creating an intimate atmosphere, or simply gifting these blooms to someone dear, our Very Fragrant Peony Roses in the White O'Hara variety are an embodiment of luxury and refinement. Prepare to be enchanted by their beauty and mesmerized by their scent, as they add a touch of elegance to every moment they grace.

Comes in various sizes:
Small (11 stems) 
Medium (21 stems) 
Large (33 stems) 
Extra Large (50 stems) 
XXL (75 stems)
XXXL (100 stems)

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