Bouquet "Kissed Garden" - garden roses, stock, eucalyptus

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The "Kissed Garden Bouquet" weaves a tapestry of nature's splendor, featuring a harmonious blend of color and texture that captures the essence of a garden kissed by the sun. This bouquet is an exquisite choice for a variety of occasions, embodying elegance and vibrancy.

At its heart are the luminous Cream expression roses, celebrated for their flawless sun petals and symbolizing purity and elegance. They are beautifully juxtaposed with the vibrant Shimmer roses, whose rich orange hues bring a warm, glowing contrast to the bouquet, reminiscent of a serene sunset.

Accompanying these are the subtle and graceful Veggie roses, unfolding in layers of soft greens and creamy whites, evoking the freshness of a well-tended garden. The bouquet is further enhanced by the delicate and fragrant white stock, adding depth and a touch of luxurious fullness.

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